Having a toddler in the twenty-tens.

I’m a 90s baby and I loved growing up in those times. My childhood consisted of Spice Girls, the original tiny Polly Pockets, Nokia 3310 and the green Gameboy. My evenings were spent on my bike going up and down the close with my friends and climbing up the trees in the park and falling over and grazing my knees..alot. I came inside to watch The Jetsons and Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network on a television the size of a small car (which then we thought was amazing but it took up half the living room).

Violet on the other hand is old before her years growing up in the 2010s. I can’t believe the toys and gadgets they have now. I never know if it is good how much she knows about technology or bad? I sometimes wonder how my parents got anything done without us kids being able to sit on the sofa watching stupid playdough figures being moved around on YouTube or those bloody kinder eggs being unwrapped!

If you have had a baby in the 2010s then you may share the same feelings for some (or all) of these:

1. Frozen

The movie that has made parents sing together in cars all over the world and you have spent more than 3 months wages on toys that are now shoved in a cupboard somewhere. Loving the first few times watching the movie thinking you can never get bored of this and then after watching it 10 million times (in one day) you realise that you now hate Elsa and thinks she is one selfish mare for shutting herself in that room and ignoring Anna “…ok, byeeee”.

2. Pouting & Selfies

When I was little I either smiled or pulled a stupid face in a photo. And I certainly never thought about holding the camera myself (how revolutionary?!) Now I think every parent has a photo of their child doing some awful pout face – and I bet most parents have photos of their children doing this as a selfie on their iPhone! Usually in the back of the car on a long journey..

3. They can operate a phone better than your Nan

I played Snakes on a Nokia 3310 and struggled to text as you had to press the buttons a few times to get the right letter. I was 10. My four year old can operate an iPhone. Really well. They can open a message, read it, reply (and sometimes record your conversation from the back of the car on Whatsapp and send it to her Dad who you’re currently whinging about in the front with your Mum – Cheers Vi!). It is scary how much they know about a phone. Vi can set the wallpaper on an iPhone and upload photos to Instagram..?!

4. Peppa flippin’ Pig

How can I forget this lovely annoying little Piggy and her family? I like that the episodes are short and sweet and usually have some sort of cute meaning. One thing I do not like is how much Suzy Sheep is such a spoilt brat. Can’t stand her. She’s rude, bossy and mean.


5. Toys are EVERYWHERE

Toys used to just be in Toys’r’us and Woolworths. Anywhere else was boring and you were dragged around them by Mum and Dad. Now every bloody shop you go in has toys, dvds and books. So you spend a fortune on useless crap that your child (just to stop them from causing a scene) really doesn’t need and will love for a maximum of 10 minutes. The corner shop by me sells toys, teddies and childrens dvds so you can’t even pop across the road without Vi yelling for something she needs in her life! The supermarket sells them, Boots sells them and even Primark sells them?! They are everywhere. Toys are everywhere.



New wedding post coming shortly!



Pink Pear Bear

The Thomas-Evans Wedding – Part One

Some of you may know that I got married on Thursday 20th April – yes, Glenn is one lucky bastard and got to marry this moaning mama!

I haven’t been writing on the blog for some time as I have been so busy planning everything for the wedding that I just haven’t had the time! It is like there was nothing to do for months and the 6 weeks leading up to the wedding..it just went crazy!

So I’ve put together a little post with all my favourite snippets of our wedding. I will have to do two posts as I just loved everything!

The Venue

Tyn Dwr Hall was the only wedding venue we went to visit. When we booked our date in, most of the rooms were rubble, the garden room hadn’t been built due to them still renovating but the plans that the people showed us were gorgeous and we completely trusted them. Glenn and I both knew this is the place where we were going to get married. Everyone who works there is amazing, they couldn’t of been anymore helpful and I thank them all so much for everything! Tyn Dwr Hall is seriously incredible and it was everything I imagined and so much more.

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The Dress

I bought my dress from Brides of Chester. It is a beautiful shop with a huge selection of gorgeous dresses. I knew I wanted something fitted with a high front and a low back so when I tried on this stunning Pronovias dress, I knew it was the one (I may love it slightly more than I love Glenn but don’t tell him that).

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The Dresses

My bridesmaids were my Sister, Cousin, Glenn’s Sister and my Brother’s Fiancé. They have been stars leading up to the wedding and I am so thankful for having such gorgeous ladies to walk down the aisle with me. We chose their dresses from Brides of Chester too. We all went together so they could help choose. The dress just fitted them all perfectly and they all looked so gorgeous. The dresses were chosen in the colour ‘Violet‘, as soon as I saw they made the dress in this colour I knew we had to have it – I think it was meant to be!

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The Suits & The Car

Glenn had 3 Groomsmen and 2 Ushers *whispers* “Usher, usher, usher… *whispers*. I love love loved their suits. Glenn wore a grey tweed suit and then other boys wore a blue suit with the same grey tweed waistcoat as Glenn. They all looked amazing and even though they lead Glenn into mischief (most of the bloody time)..they really are such lovely boys! Which is why we surprised them with the Ghostbusters Ecto 1 to collect them and bring them to the venue..

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Hope you all had a good Easter! Next post coming in 3 days!



Turning 25..& not getting a card.

So this week week I turned 25. To be honest my birthday has taken a back seat as all plans and efforts have been going towards our wedding which is now 23 days away?! Where the hell has the past year gone?

I’ve been off the radar the past two weeks or so. Wedding planning is in full swing and Violet has had hospital appointments in Alder Hey so we have been back and forth to there. I need to get back into posting a bit more otherwise I get lazy and just crash out in bed at 7pm..

Little update on the past week:

My lovely husband-to-be and lovely friends surprised me with a little hen do in Chester. It was incredible. My tummy hurt in the morning from laughing so much. Thank you so much guys!


Wedding plans are all good. I have had my final dress fitting which was great. I was worried I wouldn’t fit into the dress. I used to be able to eat mountains of cake when I was little and never gain any weight and now I eat a chocolate button and I can put on a stone. I celebrated fitting into the dress by having cheese and cracker night at home on Friday. Another sign of getting older..getting excited over cheese.

Glenn forgot to get me a birthday card yesterday – dick. He arrived home today with late birthday card. Opened it up and thought he was taking the piss and *nearly* went into a strop. Is he trying to make me go Hulk?


His face dropped. You could tell he hadn’t a clue what he had done. He said “I am sorry for being useless”. Bloody idiot can’t even get the word right in the card. Crisis aborted.

Vi was in hospital yesterday and she has had a cast put on her right foot. This should hopefully help stretch her leg muscle. She was such a good girl having it on and the ladies in the hospital were brilliant with her. We made a special trip to Toys”r”us and I stupidly said she could have one thing, whatever she wanted. Thinking she would go straight to the hair accessory bit as she normally does and pick up something for a couple of pounds. Hell no. It’s like she knew what I was thinking. It’s like she had been planning it for weeks. She had been waiting for me to say those words “anything you want”. And before I knew it Violet made a bee line for the £50 dog who blinks. Oh sorry – my bad – blinks and woofs.

Ten minutes down the road and she asked if we could turn the dog off as she didn’t like the noise it made.

…..and that was my week!


OurSweetViolet xo


How to handle (but lose) a Violet meltdown.

If you know Violet, you know she is a diva. Don’t get me wrong she is such a little girl but she does have her off days when her diva side comes out in full force. When she gets something in her head there is no budging with that. She sets a goal and she will do anything in her power to reach that goal even if it means tearing down her family members one by one until someone gives in. I kinda hope someone else has a child like this!

Example: Rewind to Sunday. Glenn was on his stag do in Benidorm with 30 people, yes, 30 people. Like WTF? How he survived it I will never know.

Me and Vi went to Chester with my Mum to pick out a wedding ring and get my stepdad fitted for his suit for the wedding – 43 DAYS TO GO!!!.

First shop we went into was a little accessory shop and Violet made her way to the colourful child section at the back of the shop. I saw her picking up a few things like headbands, glittery stickers and then she saw it..a wand. That was it. It was hers.  She wasn’t leaving without it. I could see the price was £7. Vi came and asked me if she could have it and me being the worst Mum ever said no. “Wait until we look in the other shops and we can always come back”. This just set her off even more and the meltdown began.

Nothing I said or did would help. She cried. She screamed. She told me that she loved it and how much it would make her happy. Over something that she had literally laid her eyes on not 30 seconds ago. Am I being a bad Mum? Should I just buy it for her? Or am I then a pushover and a bad Mum in that way?

Violet refused to put the wand down. She refused to put her coat on. She refused to put her hat on. What did I do? Kept my friggin cool that’s what I did! That’s right. This Mumma calmly got a screaming four year old to put her coat on, peeled the no good shitty plastic wand from her hands and left the shop. Yes everyone was watching but I was too busy making sure Vi was wrapped up warm to care what other people thought.

Violet chilled out after about twenty minutes of constantly asking for the bloody wand. I told her that she could have the wand once we have made sure she didn’t want anything else.

Fast forward thirty minutes and my Mum and I were sitting in the jewellers trying on some wedding rings. My stepdad took Violet outside as she was getting a bit bored in the shop.

Ten minutes later they returned. Violet with a beaming smile on her face and……A WAND IN HER HAND! Grandad had bought her the wand! The look she gave me was quite scary. A look that said “I’m the boss Mum. I’m the boss”. Violet 1 – Mum Nil.

So now we arrive at the present day. Three entire days later. Where is this almighty wand? Where is this wand that Violet can not live without? Where is this smile-making wand? F*** KNOWS. THAT’S WHERE! If she wasn’t so bloody cute and adorable I honestly think moments like this would make me lose my mind.


Anyone else have these kind of moments and these kind of children?!

-OurSweetViolet xo


7 things I can’t believe my child said.

Violet is so polite, so well mannered (sometimes!) and god damn amazing but holy hell she has one hell of an attitude. She has very sarcastic parents so I think that sarcasm has also rubbed off on her. Here’s a few things she has said over the past few weeks which have made me laugh but also got me told off by Vi’s Nanny…

“oh shut up….and dance with me”
Yes this has come out of my four year old daughter’s mouth. I think it is her way of telling me to shut it politely as she knows I won’t tell her off because it is a song!

“is he your boyfriend?”
Ever want to be embarrassed out your mind at Sainsbury’s checkout – just take my daughter. The fifty something man didn’t know whether to laugh or what. I just smirked which, looking back, probably seemed even more weird.

“It’s Mr Peterson!”
Whilst watching Broadchurch (worst Mum ever for having it on whilst Vi was still up) Vi spotted her favourite Nativity 2 actor. She was asking where Mr Poppy was! Even Mr Poppy couldn’t make that programme a happy programme.

“You’ve ruined my chips. You’ve ruined everything”
She likes vinegar, she doesn’t like vinegar. Make up your mind child! And if chips are the biggest worry in her life I think you are doing alright Vi…

“Daddy isn’t coming to the wedding”

“I’m not listening to you anymore you’re boring me”
And me telling you five million times to put your god damn shoes on is not boring for me at all sweetheart.

“Holly is drunk”
I *promise* I don’t let my daughter watch Celebrity Juice…

OurSweetViolet xo

Dear Bear and Beany

Because I met you.

If you have seen my Instagram you will know my favourite poem ever is ‘Welcome to Holland’ and I have always wanted to have a go at writing one about Violet..

Being pregnant was just amazing,
feeling you grow, kick and move was sublime.
Watching other mums have their babies
and their lives seemed so perfect all the time.

I was scared when you were on your way.
More so because it wasn’t how I planned
but I felt like I could conquer the world,
knowing soon I would be holding your hand.

You were perfect in every single way.
The happiness beamed over my face.
Finally meeting you properly
and holding you close in an embrace.

When they told me the news I broke down,
My whole world was shaken about.
Looking down at my little baby,
They must of got it wrong without a doubt.

Crying was all that I could do
and thinking this must be a curse.
This new little life we had created
was unwell, then I was thinking the worst.

Staring as you lay in your cot
As you lay so soundly one night
I apologised over and over
for it was my fault, and it just wasn’t right.

Your hand used to reach out to my chest
as you fed from me in the early morn.
And I know you could feel my heartbeat,
could you feel that it was torn?

You lay on that table so softly
and I didn’t want them to take you away.
He not only wheeled away my baby,
he had my whole world in theatre that day.

I wanted you back in my tummy
where we weren’t in this unfair world anymore.
I’d let you down completely
and for that I wont forgive myself, i’m sure.

I look at you now and i’m proud.
Proud of everything you’ve done in your years.
You’ve taught me to live life completely
and always overcome all your fears.

People say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
and now I completely understand it, I do.
Those were the scariest days of our lives
yet they were the best because I met you.


Happy One Year Engagement-iversary!

AHHHH I have been engaged one whole year!! It has gone so quickly?! With just over ten weeks to go until the big day it is seriously getting stressy in the Thomas/Evans household. Well, only on the Thomas part. Glenn would rather talk stag do and football. Dick.

We have a meeting at our beautiful venue Tyn Dwr Hall this week to finalise all the details of our wedding. I am not nervous about getting married at all but I am so friggin nervous that the day is going to go how I planned!

Last weekend we had a night away in Manchester and stayed at Hotel Football. If you haven’t been, I totally recommend it! It is bloody amazing! We went up to our room to find a Smeg fridge full of sweets and fizzy pop. Oh. My. God. We love a good hotel and this certainly ticked all the boxes. The food in Cafe Football was so tasty. And they have a sweet shop as the dessert counter!? Again..Oh. My. God.

On Saturday morning we drove to the lovely Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens and met our wedding photographer Leah Henson. She was so lovely and made us feel relaxed for the photos. Violet wasn’t really herself that day, we think she was a little under the weather but Leah got some beautiful shots of us all together and a few of just Glenn and I. We are completely in love with every photograph and cannot wait to see the photos that she snaps at our wedding and our wedding video that she will be shooting too. Here is a little preview:


Have a lovely week! 

OurSweetViolet xo

A very angry post…

Right, so something happened this weekend that has made me want to write a slightly ranty post. And by ‘ranty’, I mean a very angry post!!

I’m not a big drinker, I don’t go out very often so when I do, I do love to have a shop in the day time and get all dolled up ready for a good night out. So Saturday came along and it was my friend’s birthday and she gathered her friends together for a night out in town.

I love a good dance when I am out so we got to small place in town where there was a dancefloor. It was pretty crowded in there but we all danced anyway. Now I know that when you are dancing you get the occasional elbow in the back and a shove – when someone has decided to do a full on slut drop right behind you when there is no room to turn around – never mind stick your ass out and drop to the floor!

I felt a grab to the back and turned around and there was a boy trying to dance with me. I said “No thank you”, and carried on dancing. He did it again this time trying to have a grope, I said politely “No thank you” and gave him a shove away. And then he came to me again trying to grope me and said “Why are you in a club if you don’t wanna be touched?”


I mean, seriously, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realise walking in this club allowed you to grope me and it be OK. My bad..

Just because someone is out in a club does not mean it gives anyone the right to touch them without their permission. You would not do it in a shop – I hope! – so why do you think it is OK to do it here? Just because people have had a drink? Just because it’s busy so no one can see? It’s not acceptable so back the bloody hell off!

I don’t want my daughter or my sister – or anyone – growing up thinking that is OK. That is not OK. That is so not OK.

Even if you are single, it doesn’t make it OK for anyone to touch you if you don’t want them to.

To be fair, the security were pretty good in this place and they saw what happened and they gave him a warning. But I know this might happen to girls and boys everywhere and if I was giving Violet advice when she is older, it would be to go get security and tell someone straight away. Don’t just stand there and think it is normal. Because it isn’t. It isn’t right. If someone came up to you in the street and did that, it would be wrong and just because you’re out at night does not make any difference.

I hope no one else has experienced this but…unfortunately I bet they have. And it isn’t right 😦

Rant over.

OurSweetViolet xo





When are you having another baby?

People ask me and Glenn quite often when or if we will have another child. I’m not telling any fibs when I say that the idea of a second child is wonderful. Being a family of four sounds so lovely. Having a little tot crawling around the house and having baby cuddles with.

However, I always wonder whether I could handle it. Not as in the sleepless nights, dirty nappies or the fact my boobs will triple in size and leak about a gallon of milk when someone pushes past me in a queue (even though that is a very valid point on its own!) Or the fact that you have to do about 10 ten washes a day, or the £700 nursery bills…going off track a bit here….But mentally, am I ready? Will I ever be ready? 

There are so many questions that I want answered first. Could what happened to Vi happen to the next child? What if it does? Do I have to have a c-section again? What if my epidural goes wrong again? How will I be able to cope with two children and be poorly myself? What if I get ill again? What if I don’t get better as quickly as I did last time?


So a little message to Vi…

If you are ever reading this when you are older and you haven’t had a brother or sister, it isn’t because your Mum doesn’t want you to be big sister – it is because your Mum is so scared. Scared that something so small will break her heart again. Scared that something she loves so much will make her cry like she has never cried before. Scared of the future.

But Vi my little love, you may have broke my heart but you also mended it with extra strength super glue and made it stronger and better. You may of made me cry a river but you certainly have taught me to smile and laugh in a whole new way. And Vi you have made me see that the future isn’t anything to be scared of, it is something to be ready for. Not everyday is going to be a doddle but having the people you love around you sure makes you prepared for anything the future may have in store…

Love you with all my pieced-back-together heart.

Mum xx

My First Review! Miffy story book and colouring book.

Violet was a very lucky girl and has been sent some lovely books from Miffy.

Miffy is a little white rabbit who was first drawn by Dick Bruna in 1955. It all began when Dick Bruna would tell his eldest son bedtime stories about a little white rabbit who lived in the garden of their holiday home. This is how Miffy was ‘born’. She is meant to be uncomplicated and innocent, have a positive attitude and is always open to new experiences.

Enough about how Miffy was created, – more about these lovely books that Violet was sent!

When they first arrived, they took Violet’s interest straight away. The bright block colours and the big Miffy on the front. Violet recognised her straight away from her jumper that she has from H&M.


Violet’s attention span isn’t the best so it does take a lot to keep her occupied for a long time – especially with books!

However, she did sit and listen as I read Miffy at the Playground – she is learning to read at the moment so the font size was good for her. She was able to pick out the words she knew.


The colouring book was what she loved the most! A lot of colouring books we have lots of intricate detail and my little Vi doesn’t have the patience faffing around with colouring in individual toes and each individual hair of a bloody dog!! Anyway, these pictures in the colouring book were lovely and clear. Lots of space so not too overwhelming for a little one.


Glenn and I were so pleased with these lovely books. She has been busy telling everyone about them and look at photos of Miffy online! Think we may have a little Miffy fan on our hands. (I haven’t long decorated her room so I’m kinda hoping she doesn’t find any Miffy wallpaper!!)

Hope everyone is having a good January!

OurSweetViolet xo

*DISCLAIMER: We were sent these books in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.