Welcome to Our Sweet Violet!

Hello 🙂

My name is Olivia and I am 24 years old. Currently living in beautiful Shropshire. I am mum to Violet and busy planning a wedding to my fiancé Glenn. How he copes with Violet and I, I really do not know..

When Violet was born in 2012 it was a such a happy and amazing time! We were all over the moon with the little bundle of joy that had just entered out lives. Until just a few hours later I had the unfortunate news that there had been some hiccup with my epidural. It turned out that the anaesthetists had entered the needle slightly too far into my spine and I was leaking CSF. The pain when I stood up was so intense that I had to lie completely flat on my back. This was crushing as I couldn’t even change Violet’s nappy or get her dressed. I had to sit back and watch others do it. Then just a few days later whilst I was on the mend, we had the heartbreaking news that Violet had hydrocephalus. This turned our world upside down and we had no idea to expect for the future for our perfect little baby. I will share the full story with you on a later blog. At that point in our lives I was always surrounded by loving family and friends yet I felt so alone and petrified of the life ahead for our sweet Violet.

At the time we knew nothing about Violets condition or what her future would hold,  with this blog I would like to help anyone else that is going through the same thing, writing about the ups and the downs hopefully will let people know that they are not alone.



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