Christmas gift nightmare has begun!

When Vi was busy growing in my tummy I dreamed of the Christmases in the future and buying Vi Barbie castles, Polly Pockets and Skydancers which I loved when I was younger. We would spend all day playing with them at Christmas and she would love everything Barbie and My Little Pony. But oh no no no…not my child. Not my Vi. Violet has the most random Christmas list for a four year old.


She doesn’t really play with dolls or toys at all. She just loves all role playing games like cafes, teachers, mum and baby and even McDonalds! (Bad mum points!) Vi loves nail polishes so she can play salons or notebooks so she can write and make lists to play cafes or teachers. I love to watch her play and especially when she gets family members to play restaurants with her. It is so cute how grown ups can pretend to eat wooden ice cream whilst also being made to watch Topsy and Tim for the millionth time! I’m sometimes jealous when they walk out the door and leave me to watch Topsy be really mean to Tim. That programme really winds me up!

Vi has got a kitchen, a cafe, a trolley, a till and then a desk and whiteboard to play schools with too so this year we are really stuck on what to buy for her!


Christmas 2015

Last year Violet also had an iPod Touch (some more bad mum points!) which she says is her phone. She gets a new case for it everytime we go to Claire’s Accessories! She’s obsessed! And she is the cutest girl ever when she is on it. Amazing how quickly she picked it up and learnt to use it. It is easily the best investment we have ever bought as she gets to facetime her Nans, Grandads, Nains and Taids and with all her hospital visits, she can watch TV on it in the car as it is quite a way to Alder Hey from us.

And now..this year, she has asked for an iPad and a printer?! Yes, a printer! She wants to be able to print out like teachers for her children. And then she has listed a few Teletubby items of clothing but she just wants Po on it. No other Teletubby..just Po. And only Po.

So my Christmas gift nightmare has begun! I need to start getting some good mum points..

Is your little one not into toys? Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Our Sweet Violet xo

Mad About Kids

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