Do you like Mummy’s wedding dress? No.

Our upcoming wedding is the main topic of the family at the moment. Whichever family home we go to, they always ask us how the wedding plans are going and if I am stressing out yet (Duh – I have been stressed out for months already!)

V is always listening in on the conversations and she knows that she is going to wear a pretty dress and there will be a party. V came with me to choose my wedding dress as I couldn’t think of a more honest opinion than that of my 3 year old daughter – she says it how it is.

Rewind to 5 months go and she was the first to tell me that I looked like a cake in a wedding dress I tried on – thanks Vi babe! In all honesty, I did look a bugger in this particular dress. And it was even worse because it was like my dream dress..until I tried it on.

Then it suddenly came to me that she actually has no idea what marriage means. So I decided to ask her a few questions to see what she thinks and thought I would share the answers with you all..

Who is Mummy marrying?


When are Mummy and Daddy getting married?

Um soon

Are you excited about Mummy and Daddy getting married?


Do you like Mummy’s wedding dress?



It’s not red

What are you looking forward to at the wedding?

Dancing and seeing Elsie (V’s cousin)

When I marry Daddy, what will happen?

Have some food, go to party, wear dress and have flowers

What are you going to wear?

Red dress and shoes

You’re not wearing a red dress Violet


Because I haven’t picked a red one

*sigh* Me not go

Do you like what Daddy is wearing?

No not like shirt. Boring.

Are you not my friend anymore?

No pooey

BRILLIANT! That conversation went well.. So, as you can see, I think Violet’s main priority is for someone to wear something red at my wedding which as you can see to Violet’s disgust is not happening.

At the moment we are looking at invitations and I am finding it so difficult to choose! If anyone has any recommendations for invitation companies please let me know.

How did your little ones behave at your wedding? Did they understand at all or just see it as a party? Any tips or advice for keeping them occupied and out of trouble on the big day?

OurSweetViolet xo


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One thought on “Do you like Mummy’s wedding dress? No.

  1. I am really enjoying reading your updates. I had the same issue recently when I painted Sofia’s bedroom pink … She wanted red! Why don’t you have a play area at your wedding and take a selection of toys with you. We recently went to a wedding and the kids also had a little colouring pack on the table. I’m sure your plans will all come together nicely xx


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