I became one of those crazy grown ups who enjoys cheese.

Last week has been a tricky one – very up and down. Glenn went to Amsterdam with a few of his friends on Monday til Thursday so I was a bit nervous about how I would cope on my own with Violet for 3 nights. Yes, I know it sounds crazy even though she is 4 years old but I still get nervous. What if I get poorly? What if Vi does? What if something happens at home? What if something happens to Glenn whilst he is there? One million questions were speeding through my brain and rational Livvy (who rarely appears!) was saying that everything would be fine but irrational Livvy (who seems to be here every bloody day) was thinking all sorts!

But, shock horror, everything went swimmingly. It was actually really nice to have just some me and Violet time. She was so well behaved. She even let me brush her hair WITHOUT having a meltdown!

Glenn arrived home on Thursday night and on Friday night I escaped and had a browse around Matalan straight after work and picked up the cutest clothes for Vi. This little Minnie Mouse dress, tights and headband was bargain at £12!


Then Saturday I went to the Ideal Home Christmas Show. It was absolutely brilliant. I recommend it for any person who loves a good browse of stalls. It had all ranges of things from Christmas decorations to hot tubs and Aurora handbands (yes I did buy one) to cheese tastersI never thought I would be a person who enjoys tasting cheese. When did that happen?! I used to look at grown ups lusting over different flavour cheese thinking they were so crazy and then, out of bloody nowhere, I became one of those crazy grown ups who enjoys cheese.



It was a really long day and my feet were hurting so much at the end. We got home about 6pm and by 6.45pm we were out for Glenn’s 30th birthday meal – as if I have a 30 year old boyfriend, this is crazy!


Glenn took Violet to Caernarfon Castle on Saturday to see the Weeping Window poppy exhibition. I was a little jealous as I would of loved to have seen it! Violet looked like she had a lovely time and she was so happy because her best friend is called Poppy so she was amazed at how many poppies there were.



It is Glenn’s actual birthday today – *HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABES* – and I treated him to some Manchester United Football tickets and a FitBit Charge HR. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works. But more looking forward to the cake I’m going to be eating later – not that I’m a greedy cow but that is the highlight of every birthday surely?

Anyone have anything lovely planned this week? I have work all week then going to finish a few crafty bits at the weekend for the wedding!

OurSweetViolet xo

Pink Pear Bear

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