My Christmas Spaceman Angel

Watching through my tear filled eyes I watched my little lady singing her heart out in the Nativity. The confidence and happiness in her eyes made tears fall down my face. Glenn, Glenn’s Mum and my Mum couldn’t stop staring at her.

I can’t believe my little baby, that same baby who only a few years ago had undergone brain surgery, was stood in front of all these people singing and dancing. All those nights up crying and worrying because I thought one day my Vi might not be able to do all these little things and yet there she was. Stood right in front of me, on stage, performing.

I know every parent is proud of their child watching them perform but I had no idea how much love and emotion I would feel watching her. I didn’t notice anyone else because I was watching her every move, I kept blubbing and I’m sure she thought there was something wrong! (I cannot believe I was one of those sobbing parents! I used to despise those when I would perform in the school plays!)

I recall grown ups saying that it never feels like Christmas until their child’s Nativity and I used to think they were crazy. But now I can completely understand what they mean. I was full of happiness and tears at the same time. I was well and truly ready for Christmas after that Nativity – but my bank balance and stress levels were definitely not ready.

At the beginning of 2016, Violet wasn’t saying many words or stringing any sentences together. We were all beginning to be a little concerned at how the hydrocephalus may of affected her growing up. The doctors of Alder Hey and in Shropshire were absolutely fantastic, I cannot praise them enough. She was quickly referred to speech therapy at the age of 2 and then in April 2016 she was offered sessions twice a week in a speech and language school. We couldn’t believe how much she came along in her speech from just being there for a whole term. It was brilliant – and now she is answering us back all the live long day!

When she started full time school in September, I think she took a few steps back the first week or so. She was very shy, emotional, tired and exhausted from the change in her routine but now she loves school! And the teachers are so good at encouraging her and helping her along with her speech. Violet did try some time at a bigger school but the setting just didn’t suit her, so she is now in a small village school which she really enjoys.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take any photos of Violet in her Nativity – which I understand the reasons why but it is such shame because I would of loved her to watch them back when she is older (and watch her cringe at them like I do at mine now!) I did however get this snap from the school today in Violet’s book bag which I have scanned in so apologies for the terrible quality (all creased because Vi thought it would be helpful to fold it up and hold it over her head to stop the rain landing on her hair – cheers Vi).

The costume held together well too which was a bonus! She may hate me for making her look like slightly like a Christmas spaceman angel but she is my Christmas spaceman angel. Don’t think I’m gonna apply for the Great British Sewing Bee anytime soon!

Hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!


OurSweetViolet xo

*Wedding Countdown*: 122 days to go! (and about 679 more things to do – crap)



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