Happy One Year Engagement-iversary!

AHHHH I have been engaged one whole year!! It has gone so quickly?! With just over ten weeks to go until the big day it is seriously getting stressy in the Thomas/Evans household. Well, only on the Thomas part. Glenn would rather talk stag do and football. Dick.

We have a meeting at our beautiful venue Tyn Dwr Hall this week to finalise all the details of our wedding. I am not nervous about getting married at all but I am so friggin nervous that the day is going to go how I planned!

Last weekend we had a night away in Manchester and stayed at Hotel Football. If you haven’t been, I totally recommend it! It is bloody amazing! We went up to our room to find a Smeg fridge full of sweets and fizzy pop. Oh. My. God. We love a good hotel and this certainly ticked all the boxes. The food in Cafe Football was so tasty. And they have a sweet shop as the dessert counter!? Again..Oh. My. God.

On Saturday morning we drove to the lovely Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens and met our wedding photographer Leah Henson. She was so lovely and made us feel relaxed for the photos. Violet wasn’t really herself that day, we think she was a little under the weather but Leah got some beautiful shots of us all together and a few of just Glenn and I. We are completely in love with every photograph and cannot wait to see the photos that she snaps at our wedding and our wedding video that she will be shooting too. Here is a little preview:


Have a lovely week! 

OurSweetViolet xo


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