7 things I can’t believe my child said.

Violet is so polite, so well mannered (sometimes!) and god damn amazing but holy hell she has one hell of an attitude. She has very sarcastic parents so I think that sarcasm has also rubbed off on her. Here’s a few things she has said over the past few weeks which have made me laugh but also got me told off by Vi’s Nanny…

“oh shut up….and dance with me”
Yes this has come out of my four year old daughter’s mouth. I think it is her way of telling me to shut it politely as she knows I won’t tell her off because it is a song!

“is he your boyfriend?”
Ever want to be embarrassed out your mind at Sainsbury’s checkout – just take my daughter. The fifty something man didn’t know whether to laugh or what. I just smirked which, looking back, probably seemed even more weird.

“It’s Mr Peterson!”
Whilst watching Broadchurch (worst Mum ever for having it on whilst Vi was still up) Vi spotted her favourite Nativity 2 actor. She was asking where Mr Poppy was! Even Mr Poppy couldn’t make that programme a happy programme.

“You’ve ruined my chips. You’ve ruined everything”
She likes vinegar, she doesn’t like vinegar. Make up your mind child! And if chips are the biggest worry in her life I think you are doing alright Vi…

“Daddy isn’t coming to the wedding”

“I’m not listening to you anymore you’re boring me”
And me telling you five million times to put your god damn shoes on is not boring for me at all sweetheart.

“Holly is drunk”
I *promise* I don’t let my daughter watch Celebrity Juice…

OurSweetViolet xo

Dear Bear and Beany

One thought on “7 things I can’t believe my child said.

  1. I get those shoe discussions too … I’m always so happy to eventually get in the car after how many requests to put your shoes in NOW even if they end up on the wrong feet!!


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