How to handle (but lose) a Violet meltdown.

If you know Violet, you know she is a diva. Don’t get me wrong she is such a little girl but she does have her off days when her diva side comes out in full force. When she gets something in her head there is no budging with that. She sets a goal and she will do anything in her power to reach that goal even if it means tearing down her family members one by one until someone gives in. I kinda hope someone else has a child like this!

Example: Rewind to Sunday. Glenn was on his stag do in Benidorm with 30 people, yes, 30 people. Like WTF? How he survived it I will never know.

Me and Vi went to Chester with my Mum to pick out a wedding ring and get my stepdad fitted for his suit for the wedding – 43 DAYS TO GO!!!.

First shop we went into was a little accessory shop and Violet made her way to the colourful child section at the back of the shop. I saw her picking up a few things like headbands, glittery stickers and then she saw it..a wand. That was it. It was hers.  She wasn’t leaving without it. I could see the price was £7. Vi came and asked me if she could have it and me being the worst Mum ever said no. “Wait until we look in the other shops and we can always come back”. This just set her off even more and the meltdown began.

Nothing I said or did would help. She cried. She screamed. She told me that she loved it and how much it would make her happy. Over something that she had literally laid her eyes on not 30 seconds ago. Am I being a bad Mum? Should I just buy it for her? Or am I then a pushover and a bad Mum in that way?

Violet refused to put the wand down. She refused to put her coat on. She refused to put her hat on. What did I do? Kept my friggin cool that’s what I did! That’s right. This Mumma calmly got a screaming four year old to put her coat on, peeled the no good shitty plastic wand from her hands and left the shop. Yes everyone was watching but I was too busy making sure Vi was wrapped up warm to care what other people thought.

Violet chilled out after about twenty minutes of constantly asking for the bloody wand. I told her that she could have the wand once we have made sure she didn’t want anything else.

Fast forward thirty minutes and my Mum and I were sitting in the jewellers trying on some wedding rings. My stepdad took Violet outside as she was getting a bit bored in the shop.

Ten minutes later they returned. Violet with a beaming smile on her face and……A WAND IN HER HAND! Grandad had bought her the wand! The look she gave me was quite scary. A look that said “I’m the boss Mum. I’m the boss”. Violet 1 – Mum Nil.

So now we arrive at the present day. Three entire days later. Where is this almighty wand? Where is this wand that Violet can not live without? Where is this smile-making wand? F*** KNOWS. THAT’S WHERE! If she wasn’t so bloody cute and adorable I honestly think moments like this would make me lose my mind.


Anyone else have these kind of moments and these kind of children?!

-OurSweetViolet xo



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