Turning 25..& not getting a card.

So this week week I turned 25. To be honest my birthday has taken a back seat as all plans and efforts have been going towards our wedding which is now 23 days away?! Where the hell has the past year gone?

I’ve been off the radar the past two weeks or so. Wedding planning is in full swing and Violet has had hospital appointments in Alder Hey so we have been back and forth to there. I need to get back into posting a bit more otherwise I get lazy and just crash out in bed at 7pm..

Little update on the past week:

My lovely husband-to-be and lovely friends surprised me with a little hen do in Chester. It was incredible. My tummy hurt in the morning from laughing so much. Thank you so much guys!


Wedding plans are all good. I have had my final dress fitting which was great. I was worried I wouldn’t fit into the dress. I used to be able to eat mountains of cake when I was little and never gain any weight and now I eat a chocolate button and I can put on a stone. I celebrated fitting into the dress by having cheese and cracker night at home on Friday. Another sign of getting older..getting excited over cheese.

Glenn forgot to get me a birthday card yesterday – dick. He arrived home today with late birthday card. Opened it up and thought he was taking the piss and *nearly* went into a strop. Is he trying to make me go Hulk?


His face dropped. You could tell he hadn’t a clue what he had done. He said “I am sorry for being useless”. Bloody idiot can’t even get the word right in the card. Crisis aborted.

Vi was in hospital yesterday and she has had a cast put on her right foot. This should hopefully help stretch her leg muscle. She was such a good girl having it on and the ladies in the hospital were brilliant with her. We made a special trip to Toys”r”us and I stupidly said she could have one thing, whatever she wanted. Thinking she would go straight to the hair accessory bit as she normally does and pick up something for a couple of pounds. Hell no. It’s like she knew what I was thinking. It’s like she had been planning it for weeks. She had been waiting for me to say those words “anything you want”. And before I knew it Violet made a bee line for the £50 dog who blinks. Oh sorry – my bad – blinks and woofs.

Ten minutes down the road and she asked if we could turn the dog off as she didn’t like the noise it made.

…..and that was my week!


OurSweetViolet xo



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