The Thomas-Evans Wedding – Part One

Some of you may know that I got married on Thursday 20th April – yes, Glenn is one lucky bastard and got to marry this moaning mama!

I haven’t been writing on the blog for some time as I have been so busy planning everything for the wedding that I just haven’t had the time! It is like there was nothing to do for months and the 6 weeks leading up to the just went crazy!

So I’ve put together a little post with all my favourite snippets of our wedding. I will have to do two posts as I just loved everything!

The Venue

Tyn Dwr Hall was the only wedding venue we went to visit. When we booked our date in, most of the rooms were rubble, the garden room hadn’t been built due to them still renovating but the plans that the people showed us were gorgeous and we completely trusted them. Glenn and I both knew this is the place where we were going to get married. Everyone who works there is amazing, they couldn’t of been anymore helpful and I thank them all so much for everything! Tyn Dwr Hall is seriously incredible and it was everything I imagined and so much more.

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The Dress

I bought my dress from Brides of Chester. It is a beautiful shop with a huge selection of gorgeous dresses. I knew I wanted something fitted with a high front and a low back so when I tried on this stunning Pronovias dress, I knew it was the one (I may love it slightly more than I love Glenn but don’t tell him that).

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The Dresses

My bridesmaids were my Sister, Cousin, Glenn’s Sister and my Brother’s Fiancé. They have been stars leading up to the wedding and I am so thankful for having such gorgeous ladies to walk down the aisle with me. We chose their dresses from Brides of Chester too. We all went together so they could help choose. The dress just fitted them all perfectly and they all looked so gorgeous. The dresses were chosen in the colour ‘Violet‘, as soon as I saw they made the dress in this colour I knew we had to have it – I think it was meant to be!

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The Suits & The Car

Glenn had 3 Groomsmen and 2 Ushers *whispers* “Usher, usher, usher… *whispers*. I love love loved their suits. Glenn wore a grey tweed suit and then other boys wore a blue suit with the same grey tweed waistcoat as Glenn. They all looked amazing and even though they lead Glenn into mischief (most of the bloody time)..they really are such lovely boys! Which is why we surprised them with the Ghostbusters Ecto 1 to collect them and bring them to the venue..

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Hope you all had a good Easter! Next post coming in 3 days!




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