Having a toddler in the twenty-tens.

I’m a 90s baby and I loved growing up in those times. My childhood consisted of Spice Girls, the original tiny Polly Pockets, Nokia 3310 and the green Gameboy. My evenings were spent on my bike going up and down the close with my friends and climbing up the trees in the park and falling over and grazing my knees..alot. I came inside to watch The Jetsons and Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network on a television the size of a small car (which then we thought was amazing but it took up half the living room).

Violet on the other hand is old before her years growing up in the 2010s. I can’t believe the toys and gadgets they have now. I never know if it is good how much she knows about technology or bad? I sometimes wonder how my parents got anything done without us kids being able to sit on the sofa watching stupid playdough figures being moved around on YouTube or those bloody kinder eggs being unwrapped!

If you have had a baby in the 2010s then you may share the same feelings for some (or all) of these:

1. Frozen

The movie that has made parents sing together in cars all over the world and you have spent more than 3 months wages on toys that are now shoved in a cupboard somewhere. Loving the first few times watching the movie thinking you can never get bored of this and then after watching it 10 million times (in one day) you realise that you now hate Elsa and thinks she is one selfish mare for shutting herself in that room and ignoring Anna “…ok, byeeee”.

2. Pouting & Selfies

When I was little I either smiled or pulled a stupid face in a photo. And I certainly never thought about holding the camera myself (how revolutionary?!) Now I think every parent has a photo of their child doing some awful pout face – and I bet most parents have photos of their children doing this as a selfie on their iPhone! Usually in the back of the car on a long journey..

3. They can operate a phone better than your Nan

I played Snakes on a Nokia 3310 and struggled to text as you had to press the buttons a few times to get the right letter. I was 10. My four year old can operate an iPhone. Really well. They can open a message, read it, reply (and sometimes record your conversation from the back of the car on Whatsapp and send it to her Dad who you’re currently whinging about in the front with your Mum – Cheers Vi!). It is scary how much they know about a phone. Vi can set the wallpaper on an iPhone and upload photos to Instagram..?!

4. Peppa flippin’ Pig

How can I forget this lovely annoying little Piggy and her family? I like that the episodes are short and sweet and usually have some sort of cute meaning. One thing I do not like is how much Suzy Sheep is such a spoilt brat. Can’t stand her. She’s rude, bossy and mean.


5. Toys are EVERYWHERE

Toys used to just be in Toys’r’us and Woolworths. Anywhere else was boring and you were dragged around them by Mum and Dad. Now every bloody shop you go in has toys, dvds and books. So you spend a fortune on useless crap that your child (just to stop them from causing a scene) really doesn’t need and will love for a maximum of 10 minutes. The corner shop by me sells toys, teddies and childrens dvds so you can’t even pop across the road without Vi yelling for something she needs in her life! The supermarket sells them, Boots sells them and even Primark sells them?! They are everywhere. Toys are everywhere.



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