The Thomas-Evans Wedding – Part One

Some of you may know that I got married on Thursday 20th April – yes, Glenn is one lucky bastard and got to marry this moaning mama!

I haven’t been writing on the blog for some time as I have been so busy planning everything for the wedding that I just haven’t had the time! It is like there was nothing to do for months and the 6 weeks leading up to the just went crazy!

So I’ve put together a little post with all my favourite snippets of our wedding. I will have to do two posts as I just loved everything!

The Venue

Tyn Dwr Hall was the only wedding venue we went to visit. When we booked our date in, most of the rooms were rubble, the garden room hadn’t been built due to them still renovating but the plans that the people showed us were gorgeous and we completely trusted them. Glenn and I both knew this is the place where we were going to get married. Everyone who works there is amazing, they couldn’t of been anymore helpful and I thank them all so much for everything! Tyn Dwr Hall is seriously incredible and it was everything I imagined and so much more.

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The Dress

I bought my dress from Brides of Chester. It is a beautiful shop with a huge selection of gorgeous dresses. I knew I wanted something fitted with a high front and a low back so when I tried on this stunning Pronovias dress, I knew it was the one (I may love it slightly more than I love Glenn but don’t tell him that).

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The Dresses

My bridesmaids were my Sister, Cousin, Glenn’s Sister and my Brother’s Fiancé. They have been stars leading up to the wedding and I am so thankful for having such gorgeous ladies to walk down the aisle with me. We chose their dresses from Brides of Chester too. We all went together so they could help choose. The dress just fitted them all perfectly and they all looked so gorgeous. The dresses were chosen in the colour ‘Violet‘, as soon as I saw they made the dress in this colour I knew we had to have it – I think it was meant to be!

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The Suits & The Car

Glenn had 3 Groomsmen and 2 Ushers *whispers* “Usher, usher, usher… *whispers*. I love love loved their suits. Glenn wore a grey tweed suit and then other boys wore a blue suit with the same grey tweed waistcoat as Glenn. They all looked amazing and even though they lead Glenn into mischief (most of the bloody time)..they really are such lovely boys! Which is why we surprised them with the Ghostbusters Ecto 1 to collect them and bring them to the venue..

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Hope you all had a good Easter! Next post coming in 3 days!




Turning 25..& not getting a card.

So this week week I turned 25. To be honest my birthday has taken a back seat as all plans and efforts have been going towards our wedding which is now 23 days away?! Where the hell has the past year gone?

I’ve been off the radar the past two weeks or so. Wedding planning is in full swing and Violet has had hospital appointments in Alder Hey so we have been back and forth to there. I need to get back into posting a bit more otherwise I get lazy and just crash out in bed at 7pm..

Little update on the past week:

My lovely husband-to-be and lovely friends surprised me with a little hen do in Chester. It was incredible. My tummy hurt in the morning from laughing so much. Thank you so much guys!


Wedding plans are all good. I have had my final dress fitting which was great. I was worried I wouldn’t fit into the dress. I used to be able to eat mountains of cake when I was little and never gain any weight and now I eat a chocolate button and I can put on a stone. I celebrated fitting into the dress by having cheese and cracker night at home on Friday. Another sign of getting older..getting excited over cheese.

Glenn forgot to get me a birthday card yesterday – dick. He arrived home today with late birthday card. Opened it up and thought he was taking the piss and *nearly* went into a strop. Is he trying to make me go Hulk?


His face dropped. You could tell he hadn’t a clue what he had done. He said “I am sorry for being useless”. Bloody idiot can’t even get the word right in the card. Crisis aborted.

Vi was in hospital yesterday and she has had a cast put on her right foot. This should hopefully help stretch her leg muscle. She was such a good girl having it on and the ladies in the hospital were brilliant with her. We made a special trip to Toys”r”us and I stupidly said she could have one thing, whatever she wanted. Thinking she would go straight to the hair accessory bit as she normally does and pick up something for a couple of pounds. Hell no. It’s like she knew what I was thinking. It’s like she had been planning it for weeks. She had been waiting for me to say those words “anything you want”. And before I knew it Violet made a bee line for the £50 dog who blinks. Oh sorry – my bad – blinks and woofs.

Ten minutes down the road and she asked if we could turn the dog off as she didn’t like the noise it made.

…..and that was my week!


OurSweetViolet xo


Happy One Year Engagement-iversary!

AHHHH I have been engaged one whole year!! It has gone so quickly?! With just over ten weeks to go until the big day it is seriously getting stressy in the Thomas/Evans household. Well, only on the Thomas part. Glenn would rather talk stag do and football. Dick.

We have a meeting at our beautiful venue Tyn Dwr Hall this week to finalise all the details of our wedding. I am not nervous about getting married at all but I am so friggin nervous that the day is going to go how I planned!

Last weekend we had a night away in Manchester and stayed at Hotel Football. If you haven’t been, I totally recommend it! It is bloody amazing! We went up to our room to find a Smeg fridge full of sweets and fizzy pop. Oh. My. God. We love a good hotel and this certainly ticked all the boxes. The food in Cafe Football was so tasty. And they have a sweet shop as the dessert counter!? Again..Oh. My. God.

On Saturday morning we drove to the lovely Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens and met our wedding photographer Leah Henson. She was so lovely and made us feel relaxed for the photos. Violet wasn’t really herself that day, we think she was a little under the weather but Leah got some beautiful shots of us all together and a few of just Glenn and I. We are completely in love with every photograph and cannot wait to see the photos that she snaps at our wedding and our wedding video that she will be shooting too. Here is a little preview:


Have a lovely week! 

OurSweetViolet xo

How my man popped the question & other great moments of 2016..

As if it is 2017 in just a few days.

Where has 2016 gone? I cannot believe how quickly time is passing. When growing up a year would seem like such a long time but now I am older, it flashes past in an instant. Slow down please!


2016 has been an incredible year. Truly amazing. Here are a few of my major highlights from 2016:

1.Getting ENGAGED! In February 2016 my man popped down on one knee on the top a hill in Lake Vyrnwy. It was so beautiful but unfortunately not that romantic at first as I had previously been in one hell of a mood on the journey there. We had spent the day in Porthmadog, which is my favourite place ever, and then on the way home Glenn said he wanted to pop past him Mum’s field because they needed help with something. It was pissing down outside and I was not a happy bunny. New white converses + a field full of sheep shit = raged Olivia!

He somehow managed to get me out the car and I carried Violet up the hill. Wondering why the hell his Mum and Dad had planned to do work on a field in the middle of February in the pouring rain, I was completely oblivious to the fact that it was all a trap to get me to see the beautiful views of Lake Vyrnwy and to turn around to find Glenn down on one knee asking me – moody, naggy, pain in the ass – Olivia to be his wife. What the f…!? HELL YES! Then followed by me apologising a lot that I had been so mean. Violet wondered what the hell was going on but it was so lovely for her to be there. It was perfect.

Still haven’t forgiven him for ruining my new shoes though – Glenn, if you’re reading this I’m a size 5.


2. Violet starting Primary School. *sobs* I’m happy but sad happy. My baby girl is no longer my baby girl. She is four. Four whole years old. When Vi was a baby and in Alder Hey, I never thought that this would happen. I would stay up crying and worrying about what life was going to be like for her.

Four years on and I still question why all those things happened to my girl and I don’t think I will ever fully understand or believe that it ‘just happens’.

I used to think it was all bad that happened to Vi, which it was absolutely awful, but she is proof you can be so strong, so fearless and so incredible. Whenever I am having a bad day, feeling unwell, I sit and think of my little darling bundled up in her hospital gown on that hospital bed. If my 9 day old love can go through brain surgery and four years later ride her scooter and sing Away in a Manger today, you can do anything.


3. New job! I started in my new job at a hospital in the IT Department in January 2016 and I am still here 12 months later and bagged a promotion in those months too. I’m working towards some more qualifications which will all be done before the wedding.

Accepting the new job last year was the best thing I ever did. The people I work with are so lovely and so helpful. They really push me to do better and teach me new things every day. I might get on their nerves sometimes when I create an angel on the wall with my face on top BUT they are all so funny and I’m grateful to work with such wonderful people.

4. Started my blog! It’s been a few months since I started my blog and I have loved every minute of it. I have loved reading other blogs, meeting new people and hearing their stories and getting so many lovely recipes and home ideas! The best thing about blogging is when someone writes something and in your head you say “OMG I thought I was the only person who ever thought that!!” – that is such a surreal feeling!!

These next few blog posts will more than likely be about the wedding which is SO close now it is so friggin scary. I have so much to do but such little time..


Many other amazing things happened like taking Violet to Disneyland Paris which was the most magical place ever! Two of my best friends married their partners and had the most beautiful weddings ever and they both looked gorgeous. Oh and to put a nice cherry on the cake, I am going to pick up a lovely new car this afternoon.

Anyway..I hope everyone has had an amazing 2016 and I hope your 2017 is just as incredible! I’m gonna be seeing in my New Year drinking lots of gin so my head might be hurting the first few days of 2017.

Lots of love,

OurSweetViolet xo

Diary of an imperfect mum

Do you like Mummy’s wedding dress? No.

Our upcoming wedding is the main topic of the family at the moment. Whichever family home we go to, they always ask us how the wedding plans are going and if I am stressing out yet (Duh – I have been stressed out for months already!)

V is always listening in on the conversations and she knows that she is going to wear a pretty dress and there will be a party. V came with me to choose my wedding dress as I couldn’t think of a more honest opinion than that of my 3 year old daughter – she says it how it is.

Rewind to 5 months go and she was the first to tell me that I looked like a cake in a wedding dress I tried on – thanks Vi babe! In all honesty, I did look a bugger in this particular dress. And it was even worse because it was like my dream dress..until I tried it on.

Then it suddenly came to me that she actually has no idea what marriage means. So I decided to ask her a few questions to see what she thinks and thought I would share the answers with you all..

Who is Mummy marrying?


When are Mummy and Daddy getting married?

Um soon

Are you excited about Mummy and Daddy getting married?


Do you like Mummy’s wedding dress?



It’s not red

What are you looking forward to at the wedding?

Dancing and seeing Elsie (V’s cousin)

When I marry Daddy, what will happen?

Have some food, go to party, wear dress and have flowers

What are you going to wear?

Red dress and shoes

You’re not wearing a red dress Violet


Because I haven’t picked a red one

*sigh* Me not go

Do you like what Daddy is wearing?

No not like shirt. Boring.

Are you not my friend anymore?

No pooey

BRILLIANT! That conversation went well.. So, as you can see, I think Violet’s main priority is for someone to wear something red at my wedding which as you can see to Violet’s disgust is not happening.

At the moment we are looking at invitations and I am finding it so difficult to choose! If anyone has any recommendations for invitation companies please let me know.

How did your little ones behave at your wedding? Did they understand at all or just see it as a party? Any tips or advice for keeping them occupied and out of trouble on the big day?

OurSweetViolet xo


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